W 450 - Wall Paint Spray System
W 450 - Wall Paint Spray System 0.00
Universal spray system W 690 FLEXiO
Universal Spray System - W 690 - FLEXiO 0.00

Universal Spray System W 590 Flexio – The flexible sprayer for interior and exterior use

If you are planning a larger project and want to spray both internal walls and other surfaces, you need the W 590 spray system. Thanks to its two spray attachments (for low and high viscosity materials) you can apply wall as well as wood and metal paints. The powerful X-Boost turbine sprays all conventional materials undiluted using the innovative I-Spray nozzle. The volume of air and paint you are spraying is fully adjustable throughout the spraying process; keeping you in complete control at all times. The spray jet can be adjusted horizontally and vertically depending on the direction you wish to work including a detailed jet for wood and metal paints – for fast, perfect coverage. The W 590 FLEXiO is supplied in a handy carry case.


W 590

  • Minimal Overspray

Hardly any masking required: A jacket of air surrounds the paint minimizing overspray.

  • No cutting in

Quickly and easily apply paint. No need for time consuming cutting in with a paint brush on corners and edges.

  • Compact System

Compact, manual system for flexible application.

  • No diluting

High-powered turbine enables standard paints to be sprayed without diluting.

  • Perfect Spray wall paint

The seal of quality for simple, fast and clean paint application with perfect results. Spraying units and paints that feature the Perfect Spray symbol give you extra reassurance. Simply dilute the material by 10% if necessary and off you go – by spraying you achieve perfect results in just a few minutes!

  • Click & Paint system – change equipment in seconds

Click & Paint features on all systems where the spray attachment can be removed from the turbine by a single click.

– Fast: change paint and materials in a flash
– Versatile: The perfect attachment for every job
– Easy: simple process to replace and clean the spray attachments

Watch Universal spray system – W 590 FLEXiO – Product Guidance Video


Small – Large


15 m² in 6 min


Practical case / wood & metal spray attachment / variable air volume adjustment


fully adjustable, 0-500 ml/min


25 – 200 W


630 W


Will handle all conventional materials without thinning

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